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Euthanasia and a proposed internet ban

The Criminal Code Amendment (Suicide Related Material Offences) Bill 2005 aims to stop use of the Internet, the telephone and faxes for communication that "counsels or incites suicide." (More information is contained in The Explanatory Memorandum to the Bill.)

Critics have contended that this would threaten Australia's freedom of political communication, as well as freedom of the press and rational adults' right to have access to information. Electronic Frontiers Australia has made a submission to the Senate Committee inquiry.

Dr Philip Nitschke has also suggested that banning the spread of information on voluntary euthanasia over the Internet could boost the number of people who commit suicide. Read more here.

Should the internet be regulated in this way?

1 comment:

stropo said...

This regulation should not be promoted.
But then we are living in 1954 politically is suppose.
This is also an environmental issue.(think about it- resources, air water-)If people are terminally ill and suffering they are Dead. Let them end their suffering.
"the body cannot be denied"- Steve Tropoulos

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