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Australian Court Won't Freeze Kazaa Directors' Assets

"A court refused Friday to grant a request by the Australian recording industry to force owners of the file-swapping giant Kazaa to disclose their assets pending a decision in a landmark music piracy case.

"Australian recording labels are suing Kazaa's owners, accusing the company of contributing to widespread copyright infringements by letting Kazaa users download up to 3 billion files each month, freely exchanging songs, music and television programs without paying royalties."

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1 comment:

stropo said...

Use of kazza is not breach of copyright if it is for personal ues
this is a personal eqipment
I bet all of you taped songs from teh radio in the 80s
If anything the record companies should be paying kazza for advertising
i download a lot of music but i also but a lot of music too

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