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New Name - Cyberlaw and Policy

LWN117 has been renamed "Cyberlaw and Policy". It will be offered in Semester One, 2009.

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Kylie said...

To everyone having trouble accessing some of the prescribed or recommended reading links in the study guide -

Week 1: I could not access or find elsewhere the Johnson & Post article ("And How Shall the Net Be Governed?..") or the EU theme paper. However you can access another Johnson & Post article from SSRN. The article is called "Law and Borders - The Rise of Law in Cyberspace" and it is their seminal 1996 work in the Stanford Law Review. I think that reading would probably be substitutable for the reading in the study guide (Peter: correct me if I'm wrong). The article is 36 pages. It's available at:

Week 2: the Lessig blog post is actually at The link in the study guide does not work.

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