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LNP candidate hits Labor's Dean Wells in the Googles

THE state election campaign is yet to officially begin, but a new battlefront has emerged in cyberspace in the fight to win over undecided voters.

Anyone googling Labor MP Dean Wells' name will first see a link to his Liberal National Party opponent's website on their screens.

The LNP's Murrumba candidate Peter Flannery is paying the online search engine for a sponsored link to appear at the top of the results page.

See Courier Mail


Unknown said...

Not a bad idea from Peter Flannery - but he'd want to watch his step.

There is probably not a whole lot stopping the labour party faithful from clicking on that link in droves. This would rack up a huge bill on his adwords/adsense account and make him look like a twit!

If you have a look at his profile on the LNP site, he represented Queensland and the Australia Army in rugby union. He should simply challenge Dean Wells to a fist fight.

Sandy Lau said...

Personally I think this is a clever tactic by the National Party. However, I don't believe this tactic is very useful.

This is because when you are seraching for a particular person online, one whould scan the results page for that name only i.e. Dean Wells.

So even when the results come up with [Peter Flannery - MURRUMBA] on top of Dean Wells, one would not click into it.

Personally, I don't even know who Peter Flannery is (how ignorant of me).

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