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Signature in Email

An interesting recent Federal Circuit Court decision to the effect that a person’s name at the bottom of an email was a signature - 
Austral-Asia Freight Pty Ltd v Turner [2013] FCCA 298

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Unknown said...

9 Signatures
(1) If, under a law of this jurisdiction, the signature of a person is required, that requirement is taken to have been met in relation to an electronic communication if—

(a) a method is used to identify the person and to indicate the person's intention in respect of the information communicated; and
(b) the method used was either—
(i) as reliable as appropriate for the purpose for which the electronic communication was generated or communicated, in the light of all the circumstances, including any relevant agreement; or

Its comforting here that that "any relevant agreement" is mentioned. So in a contract management environment provision relating to claims or excusing causes for instance that require certain conditions precedent and formalities related to writing are saved.

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