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Internet Law Bookstore

I created an Internet Law Bookstore using Amazon technology. It took only 5 minutes to set up. Have a look at This shows how easy it is to set up an e-commerce website these days.


Romantic Girl said...

I checked it out. It actually looks like a unique website but uses all the amazon functionalities. I can see where creating this kind of site can have great commerical potential, particularily if it is linked with a blog or site that deals in the subject area. I am definitely going to have to try and create my own.

Trenton Schreurs said...

That is fantastic, though some items discussed previously may be absent such as Privacy policy etc.

However, it does demonstrate the relative ease in creating a commercial application for the internet.

Brett Ledingham said...

It really is a great use of the net, and I expect that we are going to see more and more user driven components and content in the net commercial scene. It definitely seems to be an example of internet business models of the future that Lawrence Lessig discusses in his book Remix.

However, I can’t help but think that this *new* commercial application is somewhat representative of the scarier aspect of this technology, namely its speed in outpacing the law. For example, when I added a book to my shopping cart there was still no indication of any privacy policy or terms and conditions, it was only when I proceeded to “checkout” did I notice such. Obviously this raises the question of whether such is sufficient, which indeed knowing the army of lawyers Amazon would likely have at its disposal it no doubt is. However, it does somewhat illustrate this scarier aspect of the internet, albeit weakly.

(Please Note: Such observation was obviously made in ignorance of the relevant US Law)

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