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A great new legal search tool from Stanford:  Ravel.


Alex Nelson said...

This looks like a great legal research engine but only if your looking for american material.

The visualisation showing connections between cases or showing materials by year looks like a useful tool.

How do we get this website for Australian materials?

Alex Stewart said...
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Alex Stewart said...


Looks like there are three options. Crowd-funding, private or public development.

Austlii dominates the public funding in the space and probably won't yield or upgrade for a while.

Casebase or Firstpoint could be upgraded with a similar schema approach, but I don't think the publishers are really prepared to spend the money.

You could try and see a crowd-funding approach, the cost of developing a schema would not be high, but the content may be difficult to get - let alone the fact that you would need someone to do the checking on the legal side.

Australia is probably too small a market for this type of innovation.

Unknown said...

It's pretty cool how you can see the links between the courts in the hierarchy.

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