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The class on Tuesday will focus on jurisdiction issues.

If you want to do some extra background reading, a recent case concerning The Secret documentary and book has both Interent and jurisdictional issues. It is more important for copyright law, but is an interesting diversion for Cyberlaw.

Background: The Australian

Australian Trial Judge Decision
Full Court of Federal Court Decision

US Lawsuit
Note regarding US decision on jurisdiction
Motion Judgment

Dan Hollings Case.

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Elena Tsangari said...

Jurisdictional issues would have to be one of the biggest hurdles facing internet regulation today. Given that the internet is accessible on a global scale, the current model of each country individually regulating the internet within its own borders provides little certainty for international companies and consumers.
However, how does one even begin to contemplate achieving agreement regarding a global approach to internet regulations? While cases such as Heriot v Byrne and Gutnick illustrate the need for international cooperation regarding internet laws, the reality is that currently any global approach is not foreseeable.

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