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Domain Names

Carly Long, an expert in domain name litigation, will teach the first half of the class this Tuesday evening.

You may wish to have a look at the following:


Panel Views

See also, UDRP Commentaries

Letter to ICANN


Unknown said...

Hello everybody!!

I just want to know if there is a kind of limitation about domain names and the use of aboriginal's words?

Unknown said...

hello again

ther question: Could you explain the relationship between domain names and Section 52 of the TPA?

Unknown said...

what kind of protection do I have if my trade mark is not registered? there are aanother kind of remedies?.....common law?

Unknown said...


Could you explain the Autralian's law of passing off?

Romantic Girl said...

There is a case where auDA acted to terminate the registrar accreditation of Australian Style Pty Ltd t/a Bottle Domains.

They claim that there was a serious breach of its obligations to its users. Apparently the police found that back in April 2007 Bottle Domains did not reset customer passwords or alert its customers to the possibility that their account information had been accessed by third parties. They also failed to conduct a number of security breaches.

However pursuant to a temporary order of the Supreme Court of Victoria, auDA has reinstated them.

Pending a full hearing scheduled for Wednesday 22 April 2009.

Elena Tsangari said...

WIPO is an excellent example of how a central body can regulate across jurisdictional boundaries and make decisions that are internationally enforceable. The international community should be seeking to expand the role of well-respected institutions like WIPO to increase the types of disputes which it may adjudicate and contribute to the decrease of jurisdictional conflicts that currently exist today as a result of the internet.

While the limitations of WIPO was be accepted (such as rogue domain name registrars or parties unhappy with the result who then take the matter through a court system) these limitations have not been seen as undermining the process but rather the process has grown in acceptance and respect and become a vital element of domain-name dispute resolution.

Kylie said...

Slashdot reports today that the European Union is calling for the US to relinquish control over ICANN, arguing that, "the organization running ICANN needs be free of control by a single nation, and rather controlled by a private entity and governed by multiple nations":

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