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iTunes patent


A patent application filed by Apple Computer in December 2004 appears to cover a method of buying a song, ring tone, for music video from an online store over a wireless network. The application was published yesterday on the Web site of
the US Patent and Trademark Office. It describes an invention that allows cell phone or wireless handheld users to interact with an online music store, such as iTunes, and mark a song or video file that can be downloaded to a computer at a later time.

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nenemoosha said...

Another new sophisticated technology from Apple allows users to bookmark a song or video when they’re away and download it to their cell phone as they’re arrive home.

Facilitating people with this kind of technology could be another factor in the growing use of peer to peer file sharing which usually could be contributing to the increasing of potential copyright infringement. This of course will followed by the lost of revenue of Music Industries and Copyright owner. To date, the debate regarding the peer to peer file sharing have been very popular, I’m afraid this new technology from Apple could make it more strident.

Though, technology will obviously develop all the time. It is just the case of challenging the intellectual property law system, particularly the copyright law.

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