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Google and NZ Copyright

Stepping into local New Zealand political debate for the first time, Google makes a submission on the draft ISP code of practice – and it doesn’t hold back, citing a rash of bogus copyright claims it has received in the US. In its opening salvo, the company says, "section 92A undermines the incredible social and economic benefits of the open and universally accessible internet, by providing for a remedy of account termination or disconnection that is disproportionate to the harm of copyright infringement online.”


Kylie said...

I find the abuse of notice and takedown procedures quite concerning. I have posted my thoughts on my blog at:

Romantic Girl said...

Google's submission does highlight a growing area of concern regarding the use, and more importantly, the commercial abuse of takedown notices. If making assertions of infringement and sending takedown notices are being used as part of competitive business practice then the whole system needs to be reconsidered. Perhaps there need to be formalised sanctions in place for cases where it can be shown a notice was sent in bad faith.

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