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Google falls foul of privacy once again

From JL:

It is interesting to note that once again Google has reached for the freedom of speech lever as the apparent universal panacea absolving itself of any and all responsibility for breaches of privacy.
I for one would have though that, as an American company, Google would have been well-versed in the notion that freedom of speech is only 'free' to the extent that it does not impose on, contravene or breach another person's legal rights.
If tertiary institutions have the capability of analysing work submitted by students for plagiarism through the use of algorithm programs, then surely the technical boffins at Google can devise some process whereby material submitted for posting to the web can be assessed.
In this particular case, it is difficult to embrace the Google's Code of Conduct "Don't do evil" as being anything other than a marketing slogan. For mine, aiding and abetting the doing of evil equates to the same thing. If Google is serious about corporate social responsibility, then I suggest it not just talk about it, but in the words of another multinational "Just do it!"

See also NY Times

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Unknown said...

This is a horrible situation with no winners. However, it seems that Google is being blamed for something that they had no control over (until they were made aware of it). I agree that privacy needs to be protected however we live in a modern age where mediums are readily available to post information that is readily accessible and that society may deem inappropriate.

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