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Online contracting, creation of websites

What impact does the Electronic Transactions Act have on e-commerce / online contracting?
In this area you should also look at:
the Queensland legislation
UN Convention

Standard forms of agreement
Website terms of use - look at a few examples including Great South East; Microsoft. What are the common clauses? Anything strange? What impact does Unfair Contracts legislation have on these contracts?
Click wrap v Shrink wrap - what are the differences?
Case summaries

Setting up a website
What should you be aware of (having regarding to previous lectures)?


QUT Student said...

There are so many issues when setting up a webpage and because they are international it would difficult to have a site that would never offend any laws or any one.
I think the best way is to set up your page by the google motto 'don't be evil'. In that light, things like content, privacy, defamation, domain name choice etc are less likely to offend. It's not a certainty but it is where I'd start and if there things you want to put on there that are questionable then get some advice and make a risk /reward analysis.

Unknown said...

I guess it depends on the content/context of your website. Online media sites (e.g. blogs) can land themselves in trouble for publishing controversial/potentially defamatory comments about prominent persons which would normally not appear in print media.

Jenny said...

Especially for pages, on which other people can comment, one need to bear in mind that under many jurisdictions you can be held liable for contents others write or to which you only link to. So you need to make sure that you put e.g. a disclaimer or something like that to distance yourself from that content.

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