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Week 10 - Copyright

International treaties - Berne Convention
The law in Australia - Copyright Act, and amendments related to the internet - Computer Programs Act 1999, Digital Agenda Act 2000, US Free Trade 2004

Australian Cases - piracy and copyright
Stevens v Sony
Newspaper headlines

US Cases


Policy Issues
Balancing interests of copyright owner and users - Electronic Frontiers Australia
Licensing through Creative Commons


QUT Student said...

I think the fact that a database doesn't have a single identifiable author is not a good reason to exclude it from copyright- even though that is currently the legal position. I think a way to fix this would be to put a new work in with the computer programs works.

Jill said...

I think that it is good to see the law penalising providers of illegal file-sharing software for facilitating copyright infringement. There seems to be a lot of ignorance and/or apathy among the general community about illegal downloads, with many people assuming that because it can be done so easily, it must not be illegal (either that or they think that they won't get caught). When I was teaching English in Hong Kong (where piracy is rife), I had conversations with my students about this issue and most of them justified their activities by saying that they couldn't afford to buy CDs etc. I think this attitude is common here, as well, and so there needs to be more education about the implications of infringing copyright.

Unknown said...

An interesting side note. On the piratebay website, there is a page which deals with the letters and threats received from (mainly) US movie and record companies regarding copyright.

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