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False Names When Using the Internet

Attorney: Social networks must require real names


Mahmoud EL-Sheikh said...

I believe that anonymity is really important to practice freedom especially in the third world countries. During Arab spring (uprising in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya) thousands of social networks activists contribute to the revolution by posting their attitude about the revolution and encouraging people to continue protesting against the regime for their dignity and freedom. Many of those activists who were in Libya or Egypt use different names to share news on the social networks and that for their safety.

Victor said...

In My opinion there really should not be an issue with regards to anonymity when using the internet as technically it does not exist.
In fact regardless of the name used, any online post can be traced back to the publishers IP address. Having said that, sometimes some individuals are able to hide or alter their IP address thus avoid being detected. This however has nothing to do with what name has actually been used online.

Unknown said...

I personally feel that the beauty of the internet is that it gives you the choice of speaking anonymously. It empowers the user and allow him to speak freely without the fear of an immediate connection to his identify. Contradictory to the article, I believe that allowing pseudonyms on the internet attracts people to use it. If we are all to use our real identities online we might as well go to the park and shout out what we think and let everyone know this is me, and this is my opinion, even the really contradicting one.

If the motion of using our real identity online is to prevent the abuse of anonymously (eg: irresponsible harassment online), IP address and logs are sufficient in tracking down any individual on the internet. If the offender is hiding behind an IP mask then it will be the same as trying to track an anonymous phone call. The real focus here should be laws regarding harassment, not taking away the anonymously of the internet.

--Bilin Ong

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