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Week 2: The Law of Google

This class will look at Google's business models, and the legal issued raised.

Have a high level look at the following parts of the Google empire:


Additional Reading if you have time:

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Victor said...
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Victor said...

With regards to the question of whether the US government ultimately has a right to control the internet because of the resources it has invested in its creation and development, I would assume that while theoretically it could, in reality it has lost that chance a long time ago.

Here are a few reasons:

1) The concept of the internet being owned by everybody and thus by nobody is already so deeply embedded in each individual (figuratively speaking) and sub sequentially in each country, that asserting ownership over it may result in very serious consequences on a global scale.

2) While one could say that the US has been the most significant contributor to the development of the internet it most definitely has not been the only one.

3) Subsequently no one can say that the US might maintain its current position. In fact as we are witnessing in other areas (eg economic growth) developing countries like China and India are climbing to the top of the charts mainly because of the speed of their growth and sheer size of their population. Eg. If one of these countries would eventually surpass the US in its contribution to the innovation and development of the internet would they have any larger right than anyone else?

+ we are talking about augmenting IP addresses, but is it really enough? Not just because of the increase use of devices now accessing the internet but also because of the rate at which we are disposing of them and changing them with new ones.

E Gorsuch said...

The lecture examining Google and the power they now wield was very interesting. I have used google search engine for years and only recently started using their other services. I never really gave much thought to how they obtained the information they index.

In the current climate with identity theft on the rise, privacy is a major concern for all. I read their recently modified privacy policy and was suprised by some of the things they actually record, such as phone number if you access services from a mobile phone. All this happens in the background, so you forget about it as you complete your daily tasks. This means even if you are diligent with what you enter into online forms, some information is taken straight from the device you are accessing online services with, so you cannot edit it.

Just my two cents worth.

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