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Copyright class

This lecture will give a brief overview of copyright law generally. For some background, see:

Berne Convention
Australian Copyright Council
Copyright Act

There have been a number of interesting Australian cases dealing with copyright infringement, see for example:

Stevens v Sony

The iiNet case will be discussed in detail in the Liability of ISPs lecture.

We will also discuss how other countries treat piracy:

US - Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and the case of Napster
UK - Ditigal Economy Bill, and the recent case of Newzbin


Gerard said...

This is a good research site for assignments:

Unknown said...

Thanks for that Gerard!

In relation to copyright, I'm certainly a big fan of creative commons licensing - and - the idea of making creative content open and accessible with some rights reserved - is very appealing. It's amazing how the movement has grown in such a short time... even to the extent that the recent budget was released under a creative commons attribution licence ( which grants a licence to one and all to copy/use/reproduce/make adaptions to the work... so long as the government is attributed as the author of the work. Which is quite interesting - one would think that the government would want to protect the work and ensure no unauthorised revisions/amendments were made to it ie by releasing it under an attribution no derivatives licence... But in any event, it is great to see how the digital environment has transformed the copyright environment and encouraged public sector involvement.

Unknown said...

As we talked about the music industries mistake of missing the technical developments, here is an interesting presentation of a business model that seems to work very well. It also shows how Creative Commons can be used in the music business. However, i am not sure, if this project would work with every kind of music or band, because not every listener would notice the advantages of sucha a model.

Here ist the link:

Unknown said...

I meant to post these last week, but as always, time gets away:

PC Game Piracy Examined: A very detailed examination of copyright infringement regarding the PC Game Industry.

Why We Lose When We Embrace Copyright: A counter-argument to current copyright.

Why I steal movies...Even My Own: Actor Peter Serafinowicz discusses copyright restrictions from a performer/creator perspective.

Hacktivist raided

Swiss Hacktivist was raided at the request of U.S. authorities for data theft and then publishing what was hacked.