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Last Class

The last class is Monday night, 31 May.
The class will go for about an hour, then we may go for a drink/pizza etc.
In this class, I can answer any questions that you may have.
We will also discuss legal issues concerning eBay and (if time) Facebook.
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Hamid said...

Interestingly in 2001 the ACCC did an Internet sweep in collaboration with ICPEN and the results from that sweep showed that only 27% of Australian e-tailers had posted privacy policies. I feel that privacy policies are not only important for consumers so that they feel safe in the online environment but also for businesses so that consumers feel confident and empowered to use them which will ultimately benefit the business.
However, lengthy privacy policies such as the example of e-bay have complex language and no summary and not user friendly and we can predict that users will not even read it, thereby rendering it useless.

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