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Privacy - Week 4

Office of Australian Information Commissioner - look at the Privacy Act and Privacy Principles.
What legislative changes have been proposed for Australian privacy laws?
You should also be aware of relevant case law in this area - is there a right to privacy at common law?
Privacy Foundation

International rights
Art 17 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Privacy Policies
Do you understand/agree to all of these terms?

Cookie Central

Google Maps
Legal responses - Australia; USA; Czech Republic; Germany. What are some other responses from around the world, particularly in relation to the Street View data collection issue?

No longer a social norm?



Wayne said...

This opens up a whole new "Privacy" can of worms:

Angus said...

Privacy is an interesting concept, and on the Internet there are additional considerations.
For example several years ago released thousands of search records to be used for research. The researchers were able to identify individual people by their search terms alone. Is this a violation of Amazon's duty to its customers?

Jill said...

There is a greater need for transparency in data collection and storage when using the internet, as in general I think most people are unaware of their vulnerability when visiting certain websites, even 'respected' ones. I agree with the approach taken by the EU in introducing new legislation to enforce greater protection of people's data, particularly in making privacy the 'default option', rather than than the 'opt-in option'. There seems to be a need for similar law reform here in Australia.

Jenny said...

I don’t think this is a problem that can be solved by more legislation alone. In addition people need to be educate about what is going on in the internet. Legislation can only help, where people are actually trying to protect their data from being misused. I think a big problem lies in the ignorance of most internet users. Most people don’t know that their use of the internet is not private and give away information without thinking. For example, in the article about facebook in the Australian a few weeks ago, people didn’t hesitate to provide facebook with their passwords to their mail accounts. Afterwards they seemed to be shocked that facebook used this data for their own purposes. It is hard to force people to be more careful…

Lars said...

I never really regarded google street view as a threat. I rather found it interesting and helpful. But I just checked my place were I grew up and saw an almost clear picture of our male neighbour next to his car. Imagine there would be female person next to him being not his wife. Maybe they would hold hands… I know that there were pictures taken showing naked persons, persons doing illegal things in public, etc. However, in my opinion, it is a deep infringement of privacy. Even though you can tell google to make this vision blurry or delete it fully, first it is on the web visible to everyone interested. I guess there are two sides of a coin. On the one hand google maps, on the face of it, shows only what everyone can see anyways. On the other hand, it does not forget and might show things other would have not seen at that moment.

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