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Week 2 - Google and Social Media

On Monday we will be looking at the business models of companies who operate primarily on the Internet. We will look at the rules you must comply with when using their sites (in addition to all other laws that apply), and the benefits/criticisms of their business models. In particular, we will focus on Google and Facebook, but will also try to cover Amazon, eBay and Twitter. You should be familar with the products/services offered by these companies, and their terms and conditions.

What are the risks of doing business with these organisations?

For some background you can look at:

Don't Be Evil

Google Product Offerings

Google Watch

Google Book Project

AdWords - Australia

Facebook and Privacy

Click fraud

Endorsements - US position


Unknown said...

Article of interest this week from The Australian, regarding Facebook and privacy.

Jill said...

I would think that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would have similar powers to investigate this type of 'deceptive and misleading conduct' under the Competition and Consumer Act. There would undoubtedly be some activity of this nature going on with postings by supposedly unbiased consumers to restaurant or hotel review sites, for example.

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