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Following on from last week's discussion of Buzz, Google has now been sued by a user - see article.


Visnja said...

This is going to become an increasing issue given the number of social networking sites available and the dependence by young people to communicate in this forum. Personally, it is my opinion that anything I put on these public networking sites can easily be accessible to sophisticated internet users. In essence, I do not trust the privacy and security settings that they proclaim.

Hamid said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. It is especially frightening as you mention, that so many unsuspecting or niave young people
are addicted to these chat sites and may easily be targeted by computer savvy people who can access their private information

Gerard said...


Spot on, naive is exactly the right word. The need to feel connected via technology of the gen Y's and Z's and lack if real world experience has caused people to rush to adopt and use social networking without thinking of who is reading it.

There was a good feature on Hungry Beast (ABC) ast night where they raised the issue of your digital legacy and who has access to your digital life after you die and just what your heirs may see, that you thought private.

Gerard said...

Fraudsters harvest teenagers' details from Facebook, other sites for fake credit cards

"The Courier Mail 18/03/10

Jurisdiction over Google

In Canada, o n June 13, 2014, a Canadian court issued an injunction requiring Google to remove certain websites from its internet search res...