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Week 5 will cover the three related issues of SPAM, CRIME and PHISHING

You should review the following for some background understanding (as well as the material referred to in the study guide):


Spam Act

IIA Code


Australian Federal Police

Costs - UK
On the rise - US
Recent case




Is legislation or technology/awareness the solution? Which countries have attempted to combat phishing by legislation?


Unknown said...

Both the United States and the UK have introduced legislation to combat phishing (Anti-Phishing Act and the Fraud Act respectively). In Australia we have introduced the Spam Act, but as the act is geared towards discouraging unsolicited commercial electronic messages, it is not clear to what extent it applies to criminal and fraudulent activity such as phishing.

What is interesting about the Spam Act is that only civil penalties apply to breaches. And in accordance with the Spam Act Virgin Blue has given an undertaking not to send unsolicited commercial electronic messages- see:

Hamid said...

The Courier Mail on Saturday had an article about Virgin mobile phones and how they had breached spam rules and sent messages to mobile users to check if the user was still certain they didn’t want to receive e-messages after they had already chosen to not receive messages. The ACMA Chairmain Chris Chapman, was quoted as saying that “Commercial electronic messages cannot be sent without the consent of the recipient”. Virgin, was in fact fined $AUD22,000. I feel that this was appropriate action and is a good example for other mobile companies so that they don’t follow the example of Virgin. Source “The Courier Mail” p.65 and

Unknown said...

As a post script, as noted in class, the US Anti-Phishing Act was not passed. However US citizens do have some protection from cybercrime and online theft with the Identity Theft and Assumption
Deterrence Act.

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