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Throwing the Book at Facebook

See this article in the Business Spectator.

"Companies and individuals are increasingly beginning to query why they should simply wear slanderous online comments that they wouldn't hesitate to take legal action against if it appeared on the printed page. From the heady early days when the internet was seen as a beast too wild to be tamed by the law, there is growing debate as to whether and how the web should be regulated.

In the past few weeks, we have seen a series of legal issues arise in relation to comments on the internet – particularly on Facebook.

In one case, $30,000 in damages was rewarded in response to defamatory comments by a man using various pseudonyms on a stock market forum. We have also seen an Indonesian man currently face jail time for insulting his music mentor on Facebook. ..."

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Unknown said...

Internet cowboys need to be restrained in the same manner as other authors in various forms of media. Laws need to protect individuals and corporations from defamatory material. Minority groups and individuals, as opposed to the big corporates, should have a simple and inexpensive avenue to pursue their claims.

Gerard said...

Here's a link to a call for teachers to take a bigger role in online behaviour and also the dark side of Facebook.

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