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ICANN to test non-English domain names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has outlined a plan for testing domain names entirely in non-English characters, bringing closer to reality a change highly sought by Asian and Arabic Internet users.

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Cian said...

As the geographical extent of the Internet continues to grow, so too should its linguistic diversity.

At present, the internet's main traffic directories know only 37 characters: 26 letters of the Latin script used in English, 10 numerals and a hyphen.

No wonder countries such as China, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia are forging ahead with internationalized domain names (IDNs) without ICANN's approval. These countries are no longer willing to wait for ICANN to develop a standard approach for inserting IDN records into the root zone of the DNS.

However, there are fears that IDNs undermine the Internet itself, which is based on a shared namespace that originates in a single root. ICANN's delay in supporting IDNs could result in a permanent splintering of the DNS, which would create many small networks run by individual countries rather than a single, global Internet.

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