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Are we too email dependent?

Are we too email dependent? Joceyln Noveck wonders if that is so in her article "In the age of e-mail and instant messaging, the lowly handwritten note gains currency ..."

Do you agree or disagree? Is the handwritten note gaining currency?


Simon said...

In my opinion, the handwritten note has definitewly gained currency - I can't even remember the last time I received one!

In a way we have become too dependent on email - we've lost an element of personal touch. But given the choice I would never turn back. I love email - it's fast, convenient, it (almost) always gets there instantaneously.

Floris said...

I like receiving a handwritten letter for important occasions eg, Birthdays or thank you notes or an overseas postcard. So much more attention and thought has gone into preparing it. However, for day-to-day business matters it is much easier to quickly write and reply to emails. Not only does it save paper but it is easy to file, search and retrieve messages. In today’s world I don’t think a business could survive without access to the internet and emails.

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