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dot.XXX legislation proposed in the US

Two US senators have proposed legislation that would establish a new ".XXX" domain for racy or sexually explicit websites. The bill proposed by senators Mark Pryor and Max Baucus, both Democrats, calls upon the US Department of Commerce to exclude sexually charged content from established website domain names such as .gov, .com, .org, .net, and .edu.

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Cian said...
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Cian said...

The establishment of a .xxx top level domain (TLD) has been on the political agenda for some time now.

The TDL had been given preliminary approval by ICANN in 2005. However, approval has now been delayed indefinitely as conservative groups in the US raised concerns that a TLD specifically for porn would provide legitimacy to the pornography industry. With President Bush Bush stepping into the fray with his own worries about a virtual red-light district only slowed the process even further.

Certainly legislation to establish the TDL would be necessary.

However, the hordes of feline lovers that surf the web need not despair. The .cat domain, intended to promote the Catalan language and culture, has been given the go ahead and will be expected to go live soon.

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